The Blades of Chaos

As for Kratos, no mere sword and shield would befit the newest servant of the God of War. The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of Hades. Once attached the blades remained so, chained and seared to the flesh, a part of the bearer's body. A permanent reminder of Kratos' pledge."The Blades of Chaos are Kratos' main weapons in both God of War and God of War: Chains of Olympus. They are given to him by Ares when Kratos pledges himself as his servant. They are a pair of curved blades attached to chains seared to Kratos' forearms, giving him the ability to swing them at a great distance. They become engulfed in flames when used, but cool down when hung on Kratos' back.Kratos loses the Blades of Chaos in his final battle with Ares, when Ares strips him of his powers, and brutally rips the Blades right off his arms. They are replaced by Athena with the very similar Blades of Athena after Kratos kills Ares.

Orb Costs Edit

Level 1 - n/a

Level 2 - 1,500 Orbs

Level 3 - 2,250 Orbs

Level 4 - 3,750 Orbs

Level 5 - 9,000 Orbs


Level 1Edit

Icarus Lift (Air) - While in the air, press X to gain more height. X, X

Ascension - Hold triangle to launch enemies and Kratos into the air. Hold triangle

Orion's Harpoon - Launch an enemy and tap circle to slam them back to the ground. O

Hades' Reverse - Tap L1 just before an enemy's attack connects to parry. L1

Plume of Prometheus - A quick and powerful combo ending in a fiery finish. Square, square, triangle

Level 2 Edit

Increased Damage

Apollo's Ascension - Simultaneously launches Kratos and enemies into the air. L1 + X

Apollo's Offensive (Air) - Slam enemies back to the ground with this powerful attack. L1 + X

Hermes Rush - Ground dash attack. R1

Hermes Stomp (Air) - Air attack that drives Kratos quickly to the ground. R1

Rage of the Gods unlocked.

Level 3 Edit

Increased Damage

Cyclone of Chaos - 360 spin attack. L1 + square

Cyclone of Chaos (Air) - 360 spin attack in the air. L1 + square

Spirit of Hercules - Powerful but slow combo. Triangle, triangle, triangle

Valor of Hercules - Powerful but slow combo. Triangle, triangle, square

Hades Revenge - Use this attack after parrying your foe. Square or triangle or R1

Level 4 Edit

Increased Damage

Rising Helios - Multi hit attack that targets a single enemy. L1 + triangle

Falling Helios (Air) - Multi hit air attack that targets a single enemy. L1 + triangle

Hermes Fury - Multi hit dash attack. R1, R1, R1

Achilles' Flip - While Evading, press X to attack. R3 + X

Tempest of the Fates unlocked.

Level 5Edit

Increased Damage

Lance of the Furies - Continue to hold circle for an even greater attack. Hold L1 + O

Lance of the Furies (Air) - In air continue to hold circle for an even greater attack. Hold L1 + O

Might of Hercules - Hold square during combo to unleash powerful attack. Square, hold square

Athena's Blessing unlocked