The Chaoseater

Chaoseater is War's powerful sword, and the first weapon you acquire in the game. During the End-War.

Like its master, Chaoseater was stripped of its former strength

and power, followed by what may have been 100 years of imprisonment by the Charred Council. At the start of the game the sword is released from an underground fiery prison to be retrieved by War so that he may arm himself again.

Chaoseater has the semi-unique ability to absorb Chaos energy from defeated enemies, hence the name, and this energy is used to unleash Wars powerful Chaos Form. It could be assumed that the true form of Chaoseater is the form it assumes while War is unleashing his Chaos Form, taking on great size and power in the shape of a flame-engulfed sword.

Different effects to the facial engravings occur based on the swords current enhancement. Hellfire sets the blade on fire increasing damage and giving the possibility of catching the enemy on fire with attacks. Another example is the Carnage enhancement which makes the blade take on a bloody appearance while increasing the amount of chaos energy you gain.

A powerful sword that the Red Horseman will carry into many battles for judgement in the never ending war between the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell.


Basic AttacksEdit

Forehand Strike - Square

Return Slash - Square + Square

Double Slash - Square + Square + Square

Reverse Backhand - Square + Square + Square + Square

Whirlwind Slash - Square + (pause) Square

Tornado Slash - Square + Square + (pause) Square

Dragon Breath - Square + Square + Square + (pause) Square

180 AttacksEdit

180 Orbit Slash - Left Stick Opposite of Facing Dirrection + Square

Backslide - Square + Left Stick Opposite of Facing Dirrection + Square

180 Double spin Slash - Square + Square + Left Stick Opposite of Facing Dirrection + Square

Special AttacksEdit

Sword Uppercut - (hold) Square (release)

Skyscrapper - (hold) Square

Powerstrike - R1 + Square

Demon Edge - L2 + Left Stick Back + Square

Harpoon Tackle - Left Stick + R1 + Square

Devil's Cross - R1 (in reaction to an incoming enemy attack)

Aerial AttacksEdit

Cross Slash A - X + Square

Cross Slash B - X + Square + Square

Spin Slash - X + Square + Square + Square

Flipsaw - X + Square (hold)

Meteor Strike - X + R1